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A blog about design, motherhood and digital art


7 Affordable Nursery Wall Art Ideas

Emma Henderson

For any expectant mother, designing a beautiful nursery is a priority often at the top of her to-do list. But with so many other things to buy (that you may have not previously thought of), money quickly becomes tighter than planned, and that the dream nursery that you’d imagined, might be a long way from reality.

That’s why printable art is the perfect solution when you’re looking to create a beautifully designed nursery on a budget! It’s a great price and you can print it to fit whatever sized space you like.  Also, it’s easy to accessorise with a creative frame, or even change it out with a different print as your baby grows up.

Ready to pick out a piece of printable art for your family?

Here are 7 of our favourite wall art ideas for children’s rooms and nurseries:

1.    Animal Theme

Children love animals and from a really early age they can recognise different animals and start to talk about them. Learning what sounds each one makes can often be one of the first games you play with your child.


Inspirational quotes and motivational words make great daily visual reminders for yourself and your child. As they grow up and learn what the words and sentiments mean, they can take positive encouragement from these words even before they can read them themselves.

3. Abstract Style

Wall art for nurseries needn’t be overwhelmingly childish. Beautiful colours, shapes and textures can all add interest and personality to a nursery. Use them to compliment a colour scheme or inject some sophistication to a space.

4. Alphabet and numbers

I like to think of alphabets and number prints as much as a familiarisation exercises as being aesthetically pleasing. These sorts of prints are a great way to get children used to the idea of numbers and letters as something fun and beautiful that can spark conversations and games.

5. Plants

Botanical themes have been popular for centuries as subjects for art, and translate well to suit a huge variety of tastes. Bold graphic leaf shapes can look stunning in contemporary schemes, while interesting plant shapes and still life arrangements can add a splash of tranquillity and colour to a room.

6. Child’s Name

Children can begin to recognise their own name at a very early age.  Decorating with personalised art that incorporates their name or initial letter can help with this process and give them a sense of ‘their own space’.

7. Food Themes

As children start to explore tastes and textures of food, it begins to form a huge part of their lives. You can help them to celebrate the tastes that they love by hanging artwork featuring their favourite foods.

For me, like many first time mothers, having a baby was a major trip into the unknown! I was imagining a life of knitting baby blankets and taking yoga classes. But the reality was that preparing to welcome a baby into our home was really stressful and expensive in ways I never imagined!

It’s likely that your new baby’s room has had a different purpose prior to being set up as a child’ nursery.  Our soon-to-be nursery, had previously been a studio space and was stuffed to the ceiling with art supplies, had ink and paint splattered all over the place, and was no where near ready to welcome a child into the world

So we got to work … while keeping an eye on our tight budget! We gave it a really deep clean and painted the walls white (the cheapest paint in the store) It was clean and bright, but boring and soulless.

The solution was to get some fun and quirky art on the walls as cheaply as possible. We knew we could get our hands on some well designed frames without spending too much money, so all we needed to do was find some gorgeous art to put into them.

That’s when I discovered printable art…

There are so many advantages to buying art you can print yourself, with one of the biggest factors being the excellent price! Because the artist isn’t having to produce, store and ship the art themselves, they can offer to sell it at a much lower price point.

You can then print that art at whatever size you like to fit in with the space you have, and you can frame it exactly how you want. You can choose to frame your prints in matching frames to create a uniform feel, or if you want a more eclectic look you can print the art in a variety of sizes and display them in miss-matching frames. It’s totally up to you.

Even better, you can change the artwork as your child grows and their tastes change. Having access to good quality printable art make this affordable!

This can give your child a nursery that they find constantly inspiring and that grows with them without having to go to the expense of re-decorating whenever their tastes change.

About Emma …

Since having my children I’ve felt more creative and inspired than ever! I love designing art for their rooms that they love, and that reflects their tastes and interests. It’s fantastic when a new print sparks conversations or songs, or fires up their imagination.

Launching Etsy store YOYO Studios was the perfect way to share these new artworks. I really hope other parents are inspired to have fun displaying a variety of interesting wall art in their children’s nurseries.

All of the products I sell have been inspired by my own family. It’s their curiosities, questions and imagination that help fuel my passion to create new designs. I really hope they inspire your family’s imagination as well!

Not sure where to start? Check out some of our best sellers for inspiration (all under $5) 

December's Free Printable

Emma Henderson

Its 'new free printable time of the month' and of course I was going to design something a bit christmassy for December.

This is one of my favourite christmas songs to sing, and if you fancy having it stuck in your head for the next 4 weeks then I suggest printing it out and popping it on your walls.

get it here

Black Friday Deals

Emma Henderson

Well then, here we go. If its black Friday deals your looking for then I’m not going to let you down.

Over at YOYO studios (my etsy printables shop) you can get yourself a whole 50% off over black Friday weekend.  The code BLACK50 is valid from Wednesday the 23rd right through to Monday the 28th.

If you’d rather have your artwork printed for you then there is a selection of my new prints on sale at 40% off in my Not On The High Street shop. The Black Friday sale there is exactly that. This Friday only.

Enjoy x